I'll bring it to school tomorrow. ^^

These are a few websites that tell you how to make a Morse Code Machine:


They all seem to need buzzers.
I'm seeing my grandparents on Wednesday (4/11) and i'll ask my granddad how he got the steady hand machine to work coz at the momment i looks like a steady hand machine is just a giant morse code machine.

Thing to ponder:
Do we need to make a reciever????

Hi Bec and Bora!
Im not sure if we need a receiver BUT, i found this cool website: http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-build-a-morse-code-telegraph-157607/
it shows how to make a telegraph, but it seems kind of complicated to me. Check it out! >.<- Tina

Well now we know that if we want an A (we all want an A right?) that we need to be able to recieve the message in another room. I'm going to research if we can do it with a piece of string connected to a morse code machine.

After a quick look i couldn't find anything. I'll still talk to my grandad though

This is how i am proposing we make the Morse Code Machine:

We use a Steady hand machine but instead of the sound coming out of the speeker of the Steady Hand Machine we cover it with a tin can and make a tin can telephone with the dat-dit-dahs coming through the wire.

This is how to make one. I'm happy to make it but if your family uses any tin cans in the next few days wash them out and give them to me at school:



Hi Bec and Bora
I think that i can provide one or two cans because dad uses chicken stock from a can time to time. I"m ask him. ^^